Sales Conditions 


– All reservations by email or by phone, must be accompanied by a credit card number, date of validity, pycto 3 numbers and the type of card (Visa, Mastercard or Amex) with name and surname of the owner. Your card will not be charged and the settlement will make from the driver. However in case of no show customers the dates, times and places agreed in control, 100% of the amount due and will be debited without notice.

– When booking online, the amount of the fare is debited at the time of order. The invoice and booking confirmation (Voucher) will be sent immediately by email to the adress on the form. These documents shall be presented to the driver. You can always acces your account on our site to view or print your documents.

* The reservation of a customer that would not have paid the remainder following the conditions below, will be considered as cancelled except previous written agreement(ex: fax, letter) with the company ANEMONE TAXIS & VTC. Only the services written on the reservation form are obligatory.

* If for any circumstances outside one’s control (strike, natural disaster, technical problem, weather conditions,…),or for security reasons, a transfer would have to be cancelled by the taxi company, an other choice will be proposed.
If the customer accepts this proposition, he will not be able to ask for any sort of indemnity.


– Sometimes, because of the intensity of the air, road, railway traffic or because of circumstances outside one’s control (Incident, strike, weather conditions and so on…), delays can happened.

– ANEMONE TAXIS & VTC included in the prices a free insurance* covering the cost following your wait for a taxi in a 2 hours limit for planes and 1 hour limit for trains as well as the change of price depending on hours.

* this insurance only covers the conditions mentioned above.

– The subscriber cannot asked for any sort of indemnity.
– The insurance is not refundable nor deductible.

Price and promotion

– Our prices are established every year following the price fixed by-law.
– Our price includes all taxes, parking, luggages and motorway tolls included. Except stop above 10 minutes.

– Promotions are only valid for bookings with online payments and are not cumulative except with V.I.P card.

Cancellation – changes

– Any changes to the customer should always be made in writing to the company ANEMONE TAXIS & VTC at least 48 hours in advance. * see contact us
* However, a change of schedule or date and can be free depending on availability of vehicles.
If not possible, the client may not claim any compensation whatever it is.

– All cancellations by the customer should always be made in writing to the company ANEMONE TAXIS & VTC at least 48 hours in advance and will cost € 60 non-refundable.

– All cancellations after the deadline (up to 48 hours) from the client will 100% non-refundable fee.

* The client undertakes to include accurate and precise information and inform us of any changes. Otherwise, ANEMONE TAXIS & VTC reserves the right to cancel your reservation without notice. The customer can not claim any compensation.

* If the client can not stand the place and date specified for the reservation for transportation, it must only warn ANEMONE TAXIS & VTC at least 48 hours in advance, which explain the steps to follow. Otherwise, the client may not claim any compensation.


– ANEMONE TAXIS & VTC do not take any responsibility if the necessary and useful health and administrative formalities have not been respected.
The verification and accomplishment are the sole responsibility of the customer.
No refund will be given if the customer is not able to show the necessary documents.

Journey and itinerary

– The itinerary is decided by the driver only who takes the shorter way. In case of circumstances outside one’s control (Traffic jam, cut road) the driver can change the itinerary without notice and without any extra cost for the customer and for the trip to continue in the best ways.

-During the journey, only a courtesy stop will be free if it is less than or equal to 10 minutes.
To stop any more than 10 minutes, the customer must ANEMONE TAXIS & VTC informed when booking. The opposite case, the decision will be based on the schedule of the vehicle and charged to the customer


– For online payments, Visa, Mastercard and American Express or equivalent are accepted. (No charges*)

– For payment to the driver, cash settlements € (Euros) and $ (US$ Dollars) are accepted.

– 2% extra charge will be applied for payment by credit card to the driver.

– The online payment by credit card on our website is secured by the CIC – Crédit Mutuel Bank  and without charges.

Update on August 8th 2022